Testimonial of the Month

I have had a bad sore for over 1 year that I didn't take serious until about 4 or 5 months ago when the sore would not heal and it kept breaking open when bumped and began to hurt. The scab became darker and thicker. I have been applying the Therma Mend essential oils several times during the day for 3 weeks.  I cannot believe there is no pain and the dark scab has fallen off and the skin is healing.  I am excited and relieved that healing is manifesting.

I am so thankful to God and your obedience to start this company. Not only have I seen the evidence of the skin healing I had a back injury in Jan. 2013 I could hardly walk for a week.  Over the year I had a hard time walking correctly and standing or walking would put pressure on my lower back feeling like the vertebrae’s were all crunched together…  After 4 days using the Therma Mend several times a day the pain left and I only have a small amount of discomfort when I over do house work or lift something very heavy. ? (maybe this is to be left for my husband) ? I wanted to share what Therma Mend has done for me.  I want to bathe in it and yes my husband and I use faithfully on the bottom of our feet at night also… very sound and restful sleep.    The oils are so powerful…. And we thank God for the precious gift.



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